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In a flash like that, recognize I’m back

July 11, 2011

And I’m sure you missed me!

…A little?

Fine, you didn’t even notice I was gone. That’s okay– I forgive you. The important thing is that after a year-long hiatus, I am back!

And not only am I back, but I am ready to bombard all five of you loyal readers will numerous posts. Think along the lines of Music Mondays, Fashion Fridays, something somethings… I’ve got it covered. Or will get it covered. Attempt to.

It didn’t take all 12+ months to realize how much I missed having this little blog. Sure, I had the all-mighty Facebook and the no-pressure Tumblr, along with the recently confusing Google+, to occupy my precious internet time. But, to be cliche, it just wasn’t the same. But while I contemplated updating Hum a Little, Mr. Bones various times over the past year, I could never could bring myself to do it. I figured why post if I didn’t have something to really say. If I couldn’t think of paragraph after paragraph of material or muster up the energy to find fitting photos or a corresponding song, then what was the point?

It only recently hit me that I didn’t need all of those little details. At least not all of the time, anyway. I may be a blabber and a (striving) perfectionist, but I have learned the lesson only an abandoned blog can teach– any post beats zero posts.

My blog and myself: fresh-faced for the future

So while long-winded features will continue to be a Hum a Little, Mr. Bones staple, this blog will also be home to shorter posts, such as reviews, hauls, quick gripes and sometimes brief records of my daily activities. After all, this is a lifestyle blog. And let’s face it– my life just isn’t always interesting enough to fill a lengthy post.

So if my makeup-less face doesn’t scare you away, I hope you rejoin me in take two of this blogging adventure.

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  1. July 12, 2011 10:02 am

    Glad to have you back. I’ve had the same blogging problems all 2011. I get these great ideas in my head and then I never write them down, or by the time I do, my sentiments are no longer the same.
    I miss you girls. And would love to be able to visit. I have so many visits that I want to make.
    talk to you soon!

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